Reason (90's version)

by 4 Track Phantoms

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I have not always been an acoustic guitar-wielding, high-pitched priss. The 90's were much heavier times for my 4 track adventures, and here's little old me at my heaviest. Three guitars and bass all with big muff. Probably tuned to D. Cow bell. Going for a deeper, raspier vocal sound. My drumming sucked but kind of added to the "garage girl" vibe I was going for. At least I didn't try an fills.

This song is unusual in that the seemingly cohesive verses are actually disparate. First two verses are about lovesickness (typical fare for me at the time), but last verse is a moral support message for a musician friend starting a new band.

I once had an incarnation as a teenage demo listener/ A&R prodigy. Worked at a label from 89-92. I only got one band signed- they were teenagers themselves, and I'll always feel a bond with them, my little band of brothers. We were very young and getting our start in the biz at the same time.

Sadly, my boss ruined their first record, I got laid off, and the band broke up a few years later. In 1997, one member was starting a new band at the time I wrote and recorded this song. I had gotten ahold of the demos and was blown away! I borrowed a vocal melody in the middle of my song (1:52 to be exact) to pay homage (homme-age?) and wrote the last verse to wish him every success. And it somehow fit.



You don't listen to reason, baby, you listen to me
I know it's not easy out there, I see
I don't listen to reason, baby, I listen to you
And I know you know what I mean
It's all true

You don't have a reason, do you? You have me
I'm wondering why you would even bother- patiently
I don't have a reason, do I? I have you
And all of my friends are looking like strangers- next to you

I don't listen to much that's out there, I listen to you
I want another dream in your name to come true
I know it's not easy doing it, look at me
If only everyone could hear what you mean


released May 4, 2016
Written by 4 Track Phantoms
Vocals: Salome
Guitar: Riff Randall
Bass: Sensoria
Drums: Jane Morris

Photo of yours truly from 1993, about a year after my music biz days and starting to write my own songs.



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4 Track Phantoms San Clemente, California

Hi, I'm Cecily, and this is my project, the 4 Track Phantoms, a kind of diary of a free range singer, songwriter, musician, and spirited art and music fan. Available for vocals.

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